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The end?

RockMiner100 aOWNER posted Jul 22, 13
Hello ladies and gentlemen, the activity on Minecraft Worlds is very low and David, David.... The man with the plans has left Minecraft Worlds completely. We will all miss you David so farewell.

Meanwhile, RockMiner has created a Private Server called Obsidia!
No applications, you must be invited by RockMiner100.

windowskid riperoni?
«TheJayCool» Also, is someone going to take over the "Head" Staff rank?
«TheJayCool» Fuck no. no one is going to make MCWorlds Die. We're still going to use David's Plan. And, i can host it MCWor...
Hey guys, David here.

I seem to be having a small bit of trouble with commands on the server. For some reason, people cannot use simple commands such as /tp, /help, /spawn, etc. However, WorldEdit and PlayerHeads can still be used, oddly, and the Console can still execute commands. If anyone could give me a bit of help on this, feel free.

Also, I was wondering...would it be alright if the Server went Vanilla for a short time, so that we won't have to wait for CraftBukkit to update to 1.6? If we were to do this, however, we'd have to merge the world, world_nether, and world_the_end files into one file, which I'm also unsure of how to do. So any help on that would be appreciated.

That's all for now!

«TheJayCool» Dur. i was looking if there was. i think i found one.. Also, you can't merge the world, world_nether and world_the_...
San_David Yeah, if it's unstable, then it's a no. Also, I haven't even touched the permissions file. o.o
«TheJayCool» Don't be to Advanced, Permissions aren't to advanced, but Someone can do it for you. Soon enough there will be...

The "Horse" Update!

San_David posted Jun 23, 13
Hello, guys! David here.

So, I'm fairly sure that most of you have heard that 1.6 will be released within the next week, and are fairly excited for it. Well, it turns out that there's a command coming out that will save me a lot of time, a command by the name of /spreadplayers. This allows us to be spread out from spawn, without having to do the backbreaking work of walking out ourselves.

/Spreadplayers Plans
- Have players be within 5,000 - 7,500 blocks of spawn.
- Have players be at least 500 blocks away from spawn.
- Have players be at least 200 - 300 blocks away from each other.

So, since this is coming out in a week, I'd like to make 1.6 our deadline for finishing up spawn work. By this I mean the Spawn Building and the Nether Hub. We are nearly done with everything, and I hope we can stay on track!

And one final thing that I want to make clear. All McMMO Stats, Deaths, and Survival-Based Buildings will be cleared. Try to think of it as a fresh start!
«TheJayCool» We are NEARLY Done with Nether hub. as you said. (lol) Also, before you delete TempSurvival, can you put our stuff in a ...
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